Ennedi Massif: Natural and Cultural Landscape

Brief description

The sandstone Ennedi Massif has been sculpted by water and wind erosion over time into a plateau featuring canyons and valleys that present a spectacular landscape marked by cliffs, natural arches and pitons. In the largest canyons, the permanent presence of water plays an essential role in the Massif’s ecosystem, sustaining flora and fauna as well as human life. Thousands of images have been painted and carved into the rock surface of caves, canyons and shelters, presenting one of the largest ensembles of rock art in the Sahara.

Unesco WHS list ref: 1475

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Lakes of Ounianga

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18 interconnected lakes in the hyper arid Ennedi region of the Sahara desert covering an area of 62,808 ha. This site constitutes an exceptional natural landscape of great beauty with striking colours and shapes

Unesco WHS list ref:  1400

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