Namib Sand Sea

Brief description

The only coastal desert in the world that includes extensive dune fields influenced by fog. Covering an area of over three million hectares and a buffer zone of 899,500 hectares, the site is composed of two dune systems, an ancient semi-consolidated one overlain by a younger active one. The site lies along the arid African coast of the South Atlantic, wholly within Namibia’s Namib-Naukluft Park.

Unesco WHS list ref:  1430

We visited this site in 2008 – and went on probably the hottest walk I have ever done in my life! Eerie scenery around Sossusvlei.

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Twyfelfontein or /Ui-//aes

Brief description

One of the largest concentrations of petroglyphs, i.e. rock engravings in Africa. The rock art forms a coherent, extensive and high quality record of ritual practices relating to hunter-gather communities in this part of southern Africa over at least two millennia and, eloquently reflects the links between ritual and economic practices of hunter-gatherers in terms of the value of reliable water sources in nurturing communities on a seasonal basis.

Unesco WHS list ref:  1255

We visited this site in 2008.


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