More UNESCO in the UK

Thanks to this map created by UNESCO, I now have a neat list of all the other UNESCO designations, which sit alongside the list of World Heritage sites.

A new set of sites to collect and group postcards under, although some will be easier than others! (E=England, S=Scotland, W=Wales, NI=Northern Ireland)

Biosphere reserves
Biosphere reserves are areas comprising terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems. Each reserve promotes solutions reconciling the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use.

  • Biosffer Dyfi ( W )
  • Brighton and Lewes Downs (the living coast) (E)
  • Galloway and South Ayrshire (S)
  • Isle of Man
  • North Devon (E)
  • Wester Ross (S)

Creative cities

  • Bradford – city of film (E)
  • Bristol – city of film (E)
  • Dundee – city of design (S)
  • Edinburgh – city of literature  (S)
  • Glasgow – city of music (S)
  • Liverpool – city of music (E)
  • Manchester – city of literature  (E)
  • Norwich – city of literature  (E)
  • Nottingham – city of literature  (E)
  • York – city of media arts (E)

Global geoparks
UNESCO Global Geoparks are single, unified geographical areas where sites and landscapes of international geological significance are managed with a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development.

  • English Riviera (E)
  • Fforest Fawr ( W )
  • GeoMon ( W )
  • Marble Arch caves (NI)
  • North Pennines (E)
  • Shetland (S)

Memory of the World programme

This will be the trickiest to try and illustrate – but a good challenge, and a trigger to discover more about some important parts of our heritage! NB the full list that includes items submitted by UK can be found on the UNESCO website although mysteriously, that doesn’t seem to include all the material on the map linked above. There is also a wikipedia page – but when I looked, that didn’t include the 2017 material found on the unesco site. So, the list below is a bit of a hybrid.

  • 1215 Magna Carta (British Library, Lincoln cathedral, and Salisbury cathedral) – postcard below shows the one in the Brtish Library collection)magnacarta_web
  • Aberdeen Burgh Registers
  • Appeal of 18 June 1940 (BBC sound archives)
  • Archive of Charles Booth’s Inquiry into the Life and Labour of the People in London, 1886-1903 (London School of Economics Library)
  • Arthur Bernard Deacon, 1903-1927 (Royal Anthropological Institute of GB and Ireland)
  • Bank of Scotland archives, 1695-2001 (Lloyds Banking Group Archives)
  • Battle of the Somme (film) (Imperial War Museum)
  • Bill of Rights (Parliamentary Archives)
  • BT research centre collection, 1878-1995 (BT Heritage)
  • Canterbury cathedral collection (Canterbury cathedral)
  • The Carmichael Watson Collection: A Celtic Collector’s Folklore Odyssey (Edinburgh University Library)
  • Charter of King William I to the City of London (City of London Corporation archives)
  • The Chepman and Myllar prints (National Library of Scotland)
  • The Children’s Society archive
  • Churchill archives (Churchill archives centre)
  • Company of Scotland Trading to Africa & the Indies records 1695-1707 (Royal Bank of Scotland Group and National Library of Scotland)
  • The Correspondence Collection of Robert Owen (Co-operative Heritage Trust)
  • Cura Pastoralis of Gregory (Bodleian Library, Oxford)
  • Customer account ledgers of Edward Backwell (Royal Bank of Scotland)
  • Dean and chapter Exeter library manuscript (Exeter cathedral)
  • Death warrant of King Charles I (Parliamentary Archives)
  • The Declaration of Arbroath (National Records of Scotland)
  • Diaries of Anne Lister (West Yorkshire Archive Service)
  • Documentary heritage of the Women’s suffrage movement in Britain (Women’s Library and Parliamentary Archives)
  • Domesday Book (National Archives)
  • Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journal (Wordsworth Trust)
  • Dutch West India Company archives (National archives)
  • Edinburgh and Lothian HIV/AIDS collections (Lothian Health Services Archive)
  • Gertrude Bell archive (Newcastle university)
  • Gospels of Tsar Ivan Alexander (British Library
  • Gough map (Bodleian Library, Oxford)
  • GPO film unit collection, 1933-1940 (British Film Institute and British Postal Museum and archive
  • Great Parchment Book of the Honourable The Irish Society, 1639 (London Metropolitan Archives)
  • The Haig Papers (National Library of Scotland)
  • Hepworth Cinema Interviews (film)(National Screen & Sound Archive of Wales)
  • Hereford Mappa Mundi (Hereford cathedral)
  • Historic ethnographic recordings, 1898-1951 (British Library)
  • Hitchcock’s silent films (British Film Institute)
  • Jersey occupation archive (Jersey Heritage)
  • John Murray archive (National Library of Scotland)
  • Letter from George Stephenson (Liverpool Record Office)
  • The Life Story of David Lloyd George (film) (National Screen and Sound Archive, National Library of Wales)
  • London County Council bomb damage maps (London Metropolitan archives)
  • Manuscript collection of Shota Rustaveli’s poem ‘Knight in the panther’s skin’ (Bodleian Library, Oxford)
  • Medieval records of St Giles’s Hospital, Norwich (Norfolk Record Office)
  • Membership Application Certificate (Institution of Civil Engineers)
  • Narrative created through Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen’s photography and Amber’s films (Amber collective) (North East England)
  • Neath Abbey Iron Works (West Glamorgan Archive Service)
  • Orwell papers (UCL)
  • The papers of the Royal National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck (Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI))
  • Peniarth manuscript collection (National Library of Wales)
  • Peter Worden collection of Mitchell and Kenyon films (British Film Institute)
  • Peterloo Relief Fund account book (John Rylands University Library, University of Manchester)
  • Pont manuscript maps (National Library of Scotland)
  • Registry of slaves of the British Caribbean, 1817-1834 (National Archives)
  • Robert Hooke’s diary, 1672-1683 (City of London Corporation archives)
  • Robert Stephenson and Company archives (National Railway Museum)
  • Roman curse tablets from Bath (Bath & NE Somerset council)
  • The Royal Institution Laboratory Notebooks of Michael Faraday (Royal Institution)
  • The Royal Mail Archive, 1636–1969 (The British Postal Museum and Archive)
  • Royal Scottish National Institution archives (University of Stirling)
  • St Kilda, Britain’s Loneliest Isle (film) (National Library of Scotland)
  • The “Shakespeare Documents” (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and The National Archives)
  • Silver Men: West Indian labourers at the Panama Canal (National Archives)
  • Survey of the Manors of Crickhowell and Tretower, 1587 by Robert Johnson (National Library of Wales)
  • Thomas Hardy archive (Dorset County museum)
  • Tyne & Wear Shipyards collection (Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums)
  • Wakefield court rolls (Yorkshire Archaeological Society)
  • Wedgwood Museum archive
  • West India Committee collection
  • West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum Records, 1814–1991 (West Yorkshire Archive Service)
  • Winchester pipe rolls (Hampshire Record Office)
  • WVS/WRVS narrative reports (W)

Learning cities

  • Bristol
  • Swansea

PS there is another UNESCO list: intangible heritage – which includes traditions such as flamenco dancing, and the art of swirling dough to create pizzas, as perfected in Naples, but as the UK hasn’t signed the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, we don’t have any of our customs inscribed. Morris dancing, gurning, dwile flonking – even picnics in the rain – I think we’d have no problem thinking of things to be put forward!